Default folder question for OSX

Barry Levine themacguy at
Wed May 5 01:03:12 EDT 2004

I'm developing an app that will read the contents of a specific file 
upon openStack assuming that the file is present. Lets call this the 
"defaultFile". I am not setting the defaultFolder so my stack (as I am 
developing/testing) does, indeed, find the file and read its contents 
as scripted. According to the electronic docs, the folder that holds 
the ".app" bundle will be the default folder when I build my app. This 
indicates that I shouldn't have to change the defaultFolder from 
"stock". I'm developing and will build in v2.2. Will there be any 
unexpected behavior in this version relative to this issue?

This also brings up a second question: If I want to place that 
"defaultFile" inside the package so it can't be lost, how would I have 
to set my defaultFolder. Let's assume the path to the app bundle is:


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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