Self adjusting code?

Randall Reetz randall at
Tue May 4 23:24:35 EDT 2004

My first post to this list...

I am a SuperCard user (for 14 years).  I am of course interested in 
Revolution's multi-platform output.  However... in reading some of your 
tutorials, I came across a blurb outlining a restriction on making 
run-time changes to Revolution projects (stacks).  I am interested in 
evolving code... projects that react to, optimize and adjust to their 
environment... who uses them and their intent, and available media, 
data and communications streams.  How does one do this with Revolution? 
  I can imagine a solution involving two concurrent projects... one 
running... the other treated as data file... adjusted by the first... 
then, periodically, the first duplicates the second (now there are 
three), launches the second which once launched, quits and deletes the 
first, then, gets down to the business of writing changes to it's 
inactive clone.  Wow, that seems complex... but I can't quite imagine 
how else to do run-time self-adjusting code.  How have you people 
solved this problem.

Randall Reetz

randall at

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