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>Is there a library in existence for revolution that 'pretty prints' 
>mathematical expressions in the standard way that you would see them 
>printed in a book, rather than the 'one line' computer format?  For 
>example you would see the expression:
>((x^2 + 2x + 1) /(x + 1))^3   printed as a rational polynomial 
>raised to a power, with the numerator above the denominator, and the 
>exponent above and to the right of the numerator, outside of the 
>quotient parens.
>I have searched the archives and found very little other than a Feb 
>14 2002 post about a SmoothTalk Library, whose link is no longer 
>Mary McEwen


It may be some time before an equation editor is available in RR. 
Until that time there is a work-around if you're not too fussy.

RR can do super and sub scripts--see the "text" menu.

You can write

            x^2 + 2x + 1
f(x) = ------------
             (x + 1)^3

Where you would instead use the "Text" menu to do the superscripting. 
And the dotted line would be replaced with solid line drawn using the 
line tool in RR. It is certainly quite readable. (You would have to 
worry about the user's fonts however. The spacing would depend on the 

If you have a lot of surds, you might want to check out the "Typing 
superscript and subscripts" stack on my web site. You could type the 
equation as you see it above, and it would be parsed to give you the 
appropriate result--except, of course, for the solid line to replace 
the dotted line.


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