Lock Screen disables Lock Messages (???)

Mark Schonewille europe at ehug.info
Fri Jul 30 04:34:39 CDT 2004

Hello all,

I'm not sure that I have posted on this list before. Some of you 
know me as an enthusiastic HyperCard. I am reading this list for 
quite some time now, but due to lack of time, I didn't 
participate. I have a little more time now and I think the 
moment has come that I can contribute to this list, once in a while.

So, what I wanted to say...

> The "lock messages" command does not stop all messaging. It mostly only 
> stops the navigation messages -- such as openCard, openStack, 
> preOpenCard, etc.

This is not true. The "lock messages" command stops all messages 
that are not sent from the current handler or handlers called by 
the current handler. However, if you put the "lock/unlock 
screen" block outside the "lock/unlock messages" block, lock the 
screen and set the window size, then "unlock screen" will invoke 
window-related messages. That's logical, since messages are no 
longer locked.

While the screen is locked, all window updates are postponed 
until the "unlock screen" command is executed. This allows all 
windows to be updated, but if the lockMessages is false, 
updating windows invokes window-related messages.

Just make sure that the "lock/unlock screen" block is within the 
"lock/unlock messages" block.

on mouseup
   -- lock screen
   --unlock screen
end mouseup

on growit
   lock messages
   lock screen
   put the width of this stack into sw
   put the height of this stack into sh
   set the width of this stack to sw+1
   set the height of this stack to sw+1
   unlock screen
   unlock messages
end growit

on resizestack
   put the ticks
end resizestack

Best regards,



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