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Fri Jul 30 20:11:46 CDT 2004

   My name is Quentin Long. I'm available for Rev work (and also for 
HyperCard work, just in case anyone cares). Anybody who's curious about my level of 
expertise has two main options: One, search the list archives -- -- for all the posts in which I've offered 
possible solutions to other list-members' problems. Two, those of you who have 
Macs may want to surf on over to 
and download some of my HyperCard stacks to see what I can do in the way of 
interface and so on. These stacks are:

HTML Cleaner -- Reduce the filesize of webpages by getting rid of bogus HTML 
tags and entities, unnecessary white space, MSIE-specific crap.
New Wing -- HC developers' add-on; a variety of useful extra features and 
HyperEnigma -- Low- (or medium-, if you're feeling generous) -security 
encryption algorithm with a pretty decent interface.
WordSeeker -- Word-search puzzle stack with a collection of 26 puzzles.
DieRoller -- Utility for roleplaying games (D&D and so on).
Spirograph -- Creates designs similar to what the Spirograph toy makes.
PolyButtons -- HC development tool that allows the use of "true" polygonal 
buttons in HC stacks.

   Quentin Long
   cubist at

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