font installing for mac/pc

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Fri Jul 30 17:58:29 CDT 2004

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> Does anyone know if it's possible to add the font to a standalone and
> have RunRev use it automatically, i.e. without requiring a separate
> installation procedure?
> -- since apple has moved to a fully binary format for fonts on osx, I think 
there is a case for speical use of fonts in SAs now. Fonts are handled at 
system level very differnetly than in past. MS will likely do same too at some 
point. Font and GUIs has had a strang and strained relastionships for over 
30yrs... ;-) Opentype may with rich unicode finally provide the holy 
grail..maybe....but politics in tech has killed many a keen solution too :( the achilles heal 
of write once and deploy many is Fonts.


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