Unable to delete file from user space

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Fri Jul 30 13:42:15 CDT 2004

At 19:54 29/07/2004 -0400, Marian Petrides wrote:

>Oops.  That stack wasn't really intended for public consumption.  I was 
>just testing the upload, download and delete processes but found I 
>couldn't delete it from my user space.

Oops - I realized that later when I caught up with all the email backlog ...

>This isn't a bug. The handler in question reads as noted below, so it is 
>doing exactly what it was designed to do (quit the app--which if you are 
>running it in the IDE turns out to be Rev itself). This stack is intended 
>to be run by a loader/splash screen standalone, so having the close box 
>quit it that context makes some logical sense.  Choosing yes saves the 
>stack then quits, clicking no just quits.  If this were a real app, you'd 
>also want a choice to cancel and return to the app.  I just slapped this 
>together in response to a query about how to prompt for a save before quitting.

I kind of disagree. I don't think an application SHOULD be able to make the 
IDE quit. For a stand-alone app, it makes sense to shutdown the app - but 
in the context of the IDE, it should simply revert back to the IDE.  I 
could have all kinds of other things going on in the IDE, and it should not 
be up to an individual stack to close the IDE down.

I expect the same situation would apply to the Player - if I start up the 
player, and tell it to load/play stackA, then  I would expect that when 
stackA closed down, I'd be back in the player ready to try something else.

-- Alex.

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