Cross-platform fonts...what is everyone else doing? -and- More font woes

Dan Friedman dan at
Fri Jul 30 13:14:20 CDT 2004


A couple of years ago, I dealt with all this cross-platform font stuff.  I
got so tired of trying to work it out that I finally came up with a solution
that has worked perfectly ever since.  What did I do you ask?  Well, it
wasn't cheep, but I hired a fontographer to build two font families (plain,
bold, italic, bold-italic) for me.  A serif, and a san-serif.  They look a
lot like a subset of Helvetica and Times.  They are specifically designed
(spacing, kerning, height, bitmaps and all the other properties) to be
IDENTICAL on both Macs and Windows computers.  I've tested them on Mac 7.1
to 10.3 - Win 95 to XP and have had no complaints from my clients.  I just
install them with my software and *POOF*, all my font issues are gone!

Just thought I would share what I did.


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