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Takaaki Furukawa tac at
Thu Jul 29 14:02:16 CDT 2004

Hi Hershel,

>> I'm excited to see Rev Online in 2.5B1. (And I liked "EuroRevCon" 
>> stack by
>> Malte) This is the way WWW should have been in the first place...
>> HTML dragged us back to text-based stone-age computing, but now we're 
>> back
>> in the future, although security issues could potentially exist in 
>> sharing stacks.
>> I hope more ways to "link" between distributed stacks and objects 
>> will be provided.
> What do mean ? "this is the way WWW should have been ?
> Thanks

The current world wide web is text document-based, which is
way old-fashioned and inflexible. HyperCard was already there
since 1987, and it was far more easy-to-author than HTML.
  And systems like Rev Online lets people share working ideas
as working stacks, which is a more intelligent way of
communication than just sharing text and images.

  So my opinion is that the web should have been based on
HyperCard-like (Rev-like) platform, NOT HTML,  in the very first place. 
was *not impossible* back in 1993 (when CD-ROM and multimedia age
was already there, and there were tons of good titles) , but because 
WWW was
standardized by those unix-heads who stick to outdated text-based
architecture, and worse, it became popular, we had to live in the
world that's one generation older than HyperCard... which is HTML.
Alan Kay hated HTML too.


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