Question about command revGoURL

Old ř ich Peroutka operoutka at
Thu Jul 29 13:28:58 CDT 2004

Hi all,

Can anybody help me with the command ?revGoURL?? I?m the beginner with
REVOLUTION (Runrev 2.2 for Mac OS 9.2.2 cz) and I have this problem.

My script is:

on mouseUp
-- define myDefaultFolder and myDataFolder
put ?/Macintosh HD/Mac temp/myFolder?  into myDefaultFolder
put myDefaultFolder & ?/data/?  into myDataFolder
-- ?myDataFolder? is /Macintosh HD/Mac temp/myFolder/data/
set defaultFolder to myDataFolder
revGoURL myDataFolder & ?myFile.htm?

or only

revGoURL  ?myFile.htm?

end mouseUp

It is one and the same if I write the first or the second way. The
performance (path of file that Internet Explorer is looking for) is other
but the result is the same ? Error in opened ?Internet Explorer? that one
tells me ?the file doesn?t exist?.

The problem is, that all spaces in path (myDataFolder) are replaced with
?%20?. My ?Internet Explorer? is started OK but it is searching file
with path ?/Macintosh%20HD/Mac%20temp/myFolder/data/myFile.htm?.
This path doesn? t exist of course. Why the spaces but only the spaces in
the path  of file are replaced with %20. ? %20? is the HEXcode of space.

If I write:

launch myDataFolder  & ?myFile.htm? with path2Explorer &  ?Internet
-- in path2Explorer is path to the programm ?Internet Explorer?.

All is OK. But by this way I have to know where my Internet Explorer on
HarDrive is (or alternative browser), path to him.

Thanks all


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