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Yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Thu Jul 29 10:23:09 CDT 2004

Le 28-juil.-04, à 23:19, Scott Rossi a écrit :
> Yes, using AppleScript.  Keep in mind, if the main library is *huge*
> (thousands of songs) it could take several seconds to grab the list.
> The following function should work (you'll have to parse the results by
> item).
>  function getTracks
>   put quote & "library" & quote into L
>   put \
>       "tell application"&& quote & "iTunes" & quote & cr &\
>       "get name of every track of playlist" && L & cr &\
>       "end tell" into s
>   do s as AppleScript
>   put the result into tList
>   return tList
>  end getTracks

Hi Scott

Thank for the script but

1° My OS X system is in French and I have to replace "library" with" 
bibliothèque" otherwise I get an "execution error"
2° I get the list of the songs, separeted with commas, and I'd like the 
first 2 columns, something like : the title <tab> the artist <comma>

Is it possible ??


yvescoppe at

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