Rép : linkClicked not sent for fields with listbehavior=true

joel.guillod at net2000.ch joel.guillod at net2000.ch
Thu Jul 29 04:47:48 CDT 2004

The most reliable way I follow to test which image was clicked on a field is just that simple:

    put the imagesource of the clickCharChunk into theClickImageSource

The result will be empty if no image was clicked. Also you can use other functions like the 

Then use it to deal with a tree for instance:

    switch theClickImageSource
    case "minus"
       -- do collapse... the children of the clickline

    case "plus"
       -- do expand...

    end switch

Is this the clue you are searching for?

Joel Guillod

Trevor DeVore wrote:

> In looking for a workaround I found that chartoNum(clickChar()) =
> "32" when I click on an image.  I've tested on OS X.3 and Windows XP
> with the same results using two different images.  Anybody know if I
> can rely on this value for determining if an image was clicked?

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