linkClicked not sent for fields with listbehavior=true

Chipp Walters chipp at
Tue Jul 27 14:43:14 CDT 2004

Hi Trevor.

I seem to remember I couldn't get 'linkClicked' to work with 
listBehavior to true. That's why I can to invent my own work around for 

Another way to consider doing it is to

put the htmlText of line (the hilitedLine of fld xyz) of fld xyz into tHTML
if "<img src=down.gif/>" is in tHTML then
end if

This way you just check to see what icon is being displayed and act on it.



Trevor DeVore wrote:

> Hello list,
> I have a field that mimics an outline program.  The listBehavior is set 
> to true and I am populating the field with htmlText.  Lines that can be 
> expanded/contracted have an arrow graphic that is enclosed in <a></a> 
> tags.  If the image appears as the first item in the line then the 
> linkClicked message is sent:
> <p><a href=Hi><img src=arrow_expanded></a>My Topic</p>
> If the image does not appear as the first item then the linkClicked 
> message is never sent:
> <p>    <a href=WhyOhWhy><img src=arrow_expanded></a>My Poor Topic</p>
> The behavior is the same whether the link surrounds an image or text.  
> If I set the listBehavior to false then all linkClicked messages are 
> received properly.
> I am building this in the beta so I thought maybe it was a bug in the 
> beta but when I opened it in 2.2.1 the program actually crashes on 
> occasion when I click on the graphic.
> Has anybody else seen this and know of a workaround?  I did a quick 
> search in BugZilla but didn't see anything related to linkClicked or 
> htmlText.  I will make an entry.

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