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Tue Jul 27 05:32:23 CDT 2004


You probably know this already, but how you use "resizeQuality" is not 
obvious.  I assumed it would be a global command like jpegQuality, e.g.

      set the resizeQuality to "best"

But no, you need to set it on individual images like this:

     if the platform = "Win32" then
         put the short name of this stack into stackName
         set the resizeQuality of image theImageName of stack stackName 
to "best"
     end if

You don't need the if statement, but I do it that way -- and yes, you 
seem to need to specify the stack name as well.

Also, you need to call this *before* you've done anything to the image 
like set the fileName, imported an image, etc.

-- Frank

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> Alright, I need to know what the quality options for the setting 
> resizeQuality are.  Is it the following
> good
> better
> best
> Any help would be great!
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software

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