Code for Dan's Book, Vol. 1

Dan Shafer revdan at
Mon Jul 26 20:24:39 CDT 2004

After a good bit of confusion about how this should get done, I finally 
decided just to bite the bullet and post the code (significant 
examples, all Lab exercises, and ToDoPlus) from Volume 1 of my book for 
all to download. If you bought the printed book, this file contains 
that portion of the promised but omitted CD which I can control. (The 
original plan called for including a crippled version of Rev as well, 
but obviously that's not relevant to this audience.)

Anyway, you can download the code at:

The code for the two platforms is identical; only the compression 
format is different.


Dan Shafer, Revolutionary
Author of  "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought" for more info
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