[ANN] Intuition 1.1a

Mark Brownell gizmotron at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 26 10:32:34 CDT 2004


This is to announce the latest incarnation of the MTML browser 
experiments. This topical, relational, extensible and human readable 
text gathering markup language experiment has been going on for more 
than four years. It is in discovering just a few of the powerful 
features of Revolution that over this last year I have now produced a 
cross-platform file format that can be delivered over the internet by 
downloading, saved as a new file or merged to the currently open file. 
This is accomplished by clicking on MTML hyperlinks located in pages 
displayed in Intuition.

Intuition is:
a browser that surfs the MTML file formated internet
a HTML website MTML search and retrieve tool from a hyperlink in a page
a HTML website keyword search and retrieve tool from a hyperlink in a 
an active markup language editor for making changes or developing pages
a notebook style archive tool with import tools
a batch processor for importing delimited multiple pages from a text 
file, the clipboard, or the internet
a selective web-ready MTML file exporter
an image embedded in file processor for web files
a notepad and voice recorder for each page

Those interested in offering feedback or creating a MTML website can 
get a free license from me if they are a member of this list and for 
the next two weeks only. I will be working on the manual for this new 
version this week.

To get a license download Intuition and create an attachment access key 
file and send it to me [off-list] in email. I will send you your open 
key. You create this by clicking on the help/upgrade menu item  and 
selecting the attachment option. Intuition uses a personal key exchange 
process for licensing and for a feature coming soon for publishing 
one-off encrypted files that will only run on the same machine as the 
key-exchange origination. This feature is meant to be stronger than 
Adobe Acrobat's e-book publishing format that has been hacked. With a 
publishing version of Intuition you will be able to run an electronic  
monthly subscription magazine if you wish to. Intuition was originally 
created to support out of print journal articles one article at a time.

To download Intuition 1.1a go to:

Intuition would be perfect for assembling threaded e-mails of 
"how-to-do things" and then present them. Also the creation of a 
programer construct dictionary for commonly used words or phrases could 
lead to a form of a beginner-user-interface. The process of using such 
a dictionary in combination with the  MTML file format could help in 
the process of learning from the Transcript user tips offered here.

Intuition is a commercial product that sells for $49.95. I will be 
selling Intuition through my MLM shareware marketing business that will 
go into full USA only action in the next two weeks. After I have proven 
the worthiness of my MLM marketing system I plan to offer marketing 
services to other shareware programers that have commercial products 
and that may wish to have their products marketed for them. If 
interested in this please contact me off-list for the details. (This is 
the only announcement there will be on this list.)

Thanks for your interest,


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