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     I hope your right but I built a test stack with a button scripted to save on mouseUp and it didn't work. I agree with you-A rev player that won't allow updating and saving of data won't help me much. Can someone else run some tests. Maybe I'm overlooking something.

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>Hi Troy, Stephen, Klaus, et al,
>> Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 15:32:18 -0400
>> From: Troy Rollins <troy at>
>> Subject: Re: Rev player
>> On Jul 25, 2004, at 3:19 PM, Revinfo1155 at wrote:
>>> Did as you suggested and the player would not save the changes. How
>>> come?
>> It could be the player is configured for maximum security (whatever
>> that is called in Rev.) It is supposed to act something akin to the
>> shockwave player, which prevents "harmful" activities (saving files,
>> deleting files, etc.) on the end-user's computer.
>I don't think so. I haven't tried it yet, but I bet if you incorporate
>normal "Save" or "Save as" scripted menu items in your stacks, then they
>should save according to the scripts, otherwise what good would the player
>be? I mean, it should disallow access to code, but not to updating files
>which are specifically interacted with, and handled by, the code in your UI.
>All the best,
>Ken N.
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