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Sat Jul 24 16:46:23 CDT 2004

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

> What is so special about the "revplayer" that is it password-protected? 
> Is there such an excellent and superior scripting routine involved that 
> cannot be shared with others?
> I think, quite a number of us have produced players for Metacard and 
> Revolution stacks with various features- including myself (see: 
> "MC-Player" and "MC-Net-Client" at <> , English 
> version, page "Sample Stacks")
> And I see that apart from rev- and mc-files, compressed files can only 
> be opened when in "gz" format. Will this be extended eventually to sit- 
> and zip-formats?

Both ".sit" and ".zip" are proprietary formats.  ".gz" is GNU Zip, an 
open source alternative to the proprietary Zip format and the LZW 
patents that govern IBM's "compress" tool and others.

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