Code for Scrolling the objects in a card

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>> What you can't do with the current implementation of groups is put 
>> your
>> mouse over the scrolling group and draw a circle.  You can have a
>> button (as in a toolbar) past a circle in the group and have the user
>> then move and size it.  But they can not drag a circle interactively 
>> in
>> a group from scratch.
>> This applies to every other object as well.
>> -- 
>> Best regards,
>> Mark Talluto
> It seems like this would do what you want:
> 1) Make sure the group is pre-populated with a hidden version of every 
> control type.  One circle, one line, one checkbox, etc. (whatever 
> controls you want).
> 2) On mouseDown, have a group handler which positions and sizes the 
> hidden control to the mouse location, and then sets it visible.
> 3) Resize and position the control in real-time in a mouseMove handler.
> 4) On mouseUp, copy the control, and then re-hide the original.
> Wouldn't that do what you want?
> -- Frank

I tried working with a hack like this and it did not feel right.  If my 
life depended on it, this would be the way to go.  But it would be nice 
to have this at the engine level so that it looked and worked in a 
solid fashion.  I ended up going with the click on the toolbar button 
and it pasted a good sized object in the center of the worksheet, then 
have the user size and move it around.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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