Help with database locked. (/tmp/mysql.sock is bad)

Brian Yennie briany at
Fri Jul 23 16:06:28 CDT 2004

If you want to try deleting the file, you can go into terminal and try:

sudo rm /tmp/mysql.sock

You'll need your root password to delete from that directory. 
Unfortunately, if MySQL itself is stuck, you may still have trouble 
connecting until you restart or find a way to unbind that port. All 
depends I think on whether MySQL daemon crashed or if it was just Rev 
that bailed out.

Note that I have no idea if the above will actually work, but it _will_ 
delete the socket file which at worst will get re-created when you 
restart. You can also play around on the command line trying to connect 
with the mysql client, to see how that jives and whether there could be 
a problem outside of Rev:

mysql -uMyUser -p -S/tmp/mysql.sock


- Brian

> Hi Folks,
> Revolution crashed and now everytime I try to open back my stack, and 
> it's full of Database Query Stuff, I get a connection error that it 
> could not connect to database thru socket /tmp/mysql.sock (2). I think 
> maybe Rev uses a lockfile or the like to manage the connection and 
> that it's locked now... can someone help me? I did a simple file 
> search and it didn't find mysql.sock... but Finder is keen on skipping 
> folders that he feels like it should be dangerous to look into.
> if my lockfile assumption is wrong, can someone give me a hint whats 
> happening? The database is there and the connection parameters are 
> fine, I tested them with CocoaMySQL and with YourSQL. I was using the 
> stack fine for days now... I was just bullet proofing the app, it's 
> supposed to ship first beta to the company in two hours...
> any help is really appreciated.
> cheers
> andre
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