PDF in altBrowser

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Jul 23 14:51:53 CDT 2004

Hi Bob,

I used altBrowser (the downloaded version from our website) to go to the 
page below, and resized the window with no problems. The image does 
blink while resizing, but appears instantly when done. Is that what you 

For instance, download the demo altBrowser stack at:
and go to the pdf document at:

As you will see, altBrowser correctly renders the PDF file w/out problem.

BTW, at the bottom of your page, you mention:
"If you would like to download the runtime executable demonstrating the 
stack shown above, click here. It is a ZIP file containing the stack EXE 
and the altBrowser.dll (which is freely available because it is supplied 
with the altBrowser demo)."

I understand what you are saying here, and as a licensee of altBrowser, 
you may freely distribute the dll in *exactly* the fashion you are 
doing-- but so that others don't get the wrong impression, 
altBrowser.dll is a licensed product and not 'free' (unlike most of my 
other plugins, etc.)



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