No main window ?

Martin Baxter martin at
Fri Jul 23 13:28:45 CDT 2004

>At 12:25 23/07/2004 -0500, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>>On 7/23/04 7:59 AM, Alex Tweedly wrote:
>>>Not sure what I did last night - but this morning when I started up Rev
>>>2.2.1, I only get the tools palette window - there's no main window
>>>visible. It does exist (at least, Windows Task Manager shows two
>>>application tasks), but nothing visible.
>>>I can open the Message Box (with ctrl-M) if there's anything I can do
>>>from there.
>>>Any suggestions ?  Or just re-install and be more careful in future ?
>>I'm not sure what you mean by "main window"...?
>The one that has the menubar, and the toolbar. (I'm in Windows, btw)
>>By default, Rev will load the Rev Online window when it launches, but if
>>you turn that off in Preferences then all that is left is the tool
>>palette. I only see a tool palette when I start up, since I adjusted the
>Umm - this is with 2.2.1 - I thought Rev Online was 2.5B1
>-- Alex.


maybe it is offscreen, or else invisible ?

can you get a stack to open ?

if so you could make a button in it, with this script:

on mouseup
  if the loc of stack "revmenubar" is not within the screenrect then
    set the loc of stack "revmenubar" to the screenloc
  end if
  show stack "revmenubar"
  put "" -- just to open the message box in case you need it
end mouseup


Martin Baxter

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