REALbasic clarifications (was Express to Dreamcard)

David Grogono dave at
Fri Jul 23 10:13:55 CDT 2004

Andre Garzia <soapdog at> wrote:

> you shouldn't consider RealBasic
> cause you must pay for upgrades (aka bug fixes)

REAL Software provides free maintenance releases for REAlbasic.  Version
5.5.3 is close to being released and this will be the third free bug fix
release for version 5.5.

> also because they carbon implementation is a little lousy...

Please explain what is meant by this.

Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

>> And last but not least. I will upgrade because of the list. I will
>> however, be trying realbasic in the next week to assess it. You never
>> know, I may get used to it.
> It's been a while since I bothered with BASIC, but last time I looked
> into it there was no way to create new objects on the fly at runtime.
> This would not fully preclude the possibility of making a drawing app,
> but would require a lot more work as you'd be writing everything down to
> the objects' selection handles yourself (there is not pointer tool).

It sounds like REALbasic is a quantum leap from the BASIC you're familiar
with.  Since REALbasic is a true object oriented language it is both
possible and easy to create objects on the fly.  Also, creating drawing
programs is not tough to do in REALbasic.


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