Windows gets shorter and shorter and shorter...

Frank Leahy frank at
Thu Jul 22 23:46:51 CDT 2004

Yes, the stack has a menubar with 4 menus in it.

But then most of my stacks have a menubar with menus in them.  And two 
stacks that act as dialogs don't have a menubar .  And none of those 
stacks have a problem -- just this one stack has a problem (weird).

I've seen this happen with other windows, but they've all stopped doing 
it for some reason.  It's as though there's some custom property that 
gets set or unset.  If I have to I'll create a new stack and move all 
the objects and scripts over to see if that stops it -- but I'd rather 
know what's going on.

-- Frank

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> Are you running OS X with menus you have created?
> Paul Looney

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