The 2.5 debugger

SimPLsol at SimPLsol at
Thu Jul 22 16:22:19 CDT 2004

I really don't follow your argument. 
If "I", "T", and "A" are "used for other things already...things that are so 
well remembered it could be confusing to reuse these." Then wouldn't that also 
apply to the spacebar? Especially the spacebar?
1. In the debugger one would have no reason to use "Get Info", "Text", or 
"Select All". In the debugger these keys are available (so is spacebar).
2. "I", "T", and "A" fit the names and actions of the buttons.
3. You could put "I", "T", and "A" ON the buttons: "Step Into [Command 
symbol] I"; "Trace [Command symbol] T"; "Abort [Command symbol] A". No documentation 
4. Another button might be appropriate: "Close and Run [Command symbol] R".
5. To the extent possible, a GUI should communicate information through the 
interface instead of through the documentation.
Paul Looney

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