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Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Jul 22 15:40:12 CDT 2004

Hi Tom,

> Thanks for the help, but I guess I'm getting confused with the screen 
> size info.
> All I really want is to decide on a smart size for my cards so I can 
> position my graphics and buttons and know that they will not overflow 
> anyone's screen.
> When I drag a screen around until its rect is 800/600, I have plenty 
> of room to work. (It's quite big!) So I guess my question is if I just 
> keep all my buttons and graphics within this size area, 600/800, will 
> it work for people and does it matter then what the stack's screenrect 
> is? I just want to know if I develop with cards whose rects are at 
> 600/800 if people will have enough room. I can't seem to change the 
> screenrect for the stack, whose default seems to be 1024/768.

are you possibly mistaking "the screenrect", which returns the 
dimensions of your
currently used monitor!, for "the rect of stack xyz"?

You can "set the rect of stack xyz" to whatever you want, even " 
the screenrect"...

See the docs for the "rect" property...

Hope that helps.

> Many Thanks,
> Tom


Klaus Major
klaus at

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