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Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Jul 22 12:13:05 CDT 2004


Thursday, July 22, 2004, 7:50:05 AM, you wrote:

KM> They are the most obvious keyboard shortcuts we could think of.  You
KM> probably want to step-into lots of times in a script.  Pressing space is a
KM> really simple and easy way to do this.  Try it for a while and see how you
KM> find it - it might just take some getting used to?

Personally, I'd love to have these keyboard shortcuts as preferences
so I (and others) could remap them to function keys or some other
sequence that seems more intuitive. Obviously the choice of shortcuts
is very subjective, and I think the ability to set them from the
preference panel would be quite a Good Thing. (and would pretty much
end the arguments of "why did you map x to key y?") But thank you and
the team for mapping these to *something* anyway.

KM> these.  (Command-w only works to run because closing the window, even with
KM> the mouse, executes run.)

I never realized this. I always click "run" before closing the window.

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