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Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Thu Jul 22 11:42:59 CDT 2004

Hi Gordon,

> Greetings All!
> If I understand correctly, and please do let me know if this is not 
> right...
> It is entirely possible to implement a RR application using something 
> along these lines:
> First have a "Startup" piece that is a compiled standalone for each of 
> the platforms you are supporting.  Or else, with the new beta stuff, 
> have a Startup stack that is run via the "Revolution Player".
> Either way, you have a Startup piece that runs and does a "go stack 
> URL whatever", or a "go stack decompress(URL whatever)" as appropriate 
> to load your actual application and run it.

Yes, true so far :-)

> I'm guessing that the stack that you load via the URL is cached.  Is 
> that correct?


> And if so, the next time the user runs the application, is that cached 
> version automatically run?

No, the cache is only present as long as your app runs...
After that it is being cleared, like TEMP files, sorry.

> When the Startup code issues the "go stack URL..." stuff, will it 
> still check online to see if the cached
> stack is different or has expired?  If the user does not have an 
> Internet connection on subsequent
> runs of the application, but does have a cached version present on 
> their computer, will the cached
> version still be loaded?

See above...

But you can save the loaded stacks to the users hd if you like.

But maybe NOT with the new REV player, as far as i remember, Kevin told 
that it would start
in "secureMode", which would make a lot of sense ;-)...

See the docs for "secureMode"...

> Many thanks!
> --gordon


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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