Rev Player

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Jul 22 10:32:26 CDT 2004

Hi all,

after i once started the Rev player i find a 2.2 MB "executable unix 
called "Revolution Launcher" in my REV folder...

Any hints?


Klaus Major
klaus at

Looks like the REV player will load "Rev online" when doubleclicked,
but only as long it is in the same folder as REV...

Put it somewhere else and nothing will happen on doubleclick...

OK, i might have exspected something like the SuperCard player where an 
open dialog
would pop uzp to let the user select a SuperCard stack...

But when dropping a stack on that icon, it work as exspected :-)
And i am sure, if REV is NOT on our HD, the player will start when we 
doubleclick a
rev stack in the finder... Not tested on windows yet...

This is COOOL, so we don't have to create something like that on our 
own ;-)
But there might be an issue with (not present) externals...

But is it just the first beta ;-)

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