scrollbar problems: Scrolling a blank stack

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 21 17:14:14 CDT 2004

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

> At 2:00 PM -0700 7/21/2004, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> While this can be done via script, there is currently no way to 
>> interactively create objects in groups other than by setting the 
>> editBackground to true, which gives a side-effect that's usually 
>> undesirable in which the group's scrollbars and all objects outside of 
>> the group disappear while the editBackground is true.
> You can use the create command with a group:
>   create button "Foo" in group "Bar" -- group must already exist
> Your larger point is right on, though - there are a couple of things 
> that would be so helpful in creating draw-type environments. That bug 
> URL again: 
> <> 
> That and this one: 
> <> 
> are both pretty critical to creating that class of application...

The key word was "interactively", such as a user of a drawing progrram 
would expect to do with one of the graphic tools.

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