scrollbar problems: Scrolling a blank stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jul 21 15:08:39 CDT 2004

Hi Bob,

> hi Klaus
>> i had a look at your stack and you are just using the wrong 
>> approach...
>> Do this:
>> Remove everything but the lonely button, yes all the nice and almost 
>> unused scrollbars :-)
>> Then group that only button!!!
>> You can hide it then, we just need it to create a group, empty groups 
>> are not possible...
>> Set the h- and v-scrollbar AND the lockloc of that group to true...
>> Then add this resizescript above to your card and resize the card :-)
> Yes this nearly works.
> I have a button and when i scroll the box I have the scrollbars at the 
> side, however when I add another button to the card I can resize past 
> the button (make the stack smaller) and I dont have any scrolling to 
> where the button is off the visible area.
> The end user needs to be able to add textfields off the visible area 
> and scroll to them. They wont have access to runrev.

Well, that is the sad part of the story, from now on ALL objects have 
to be PART of that group,
or the scrolling is not worth a cent...

You can add objects to that group by "Edit Group" -> Menu: Objects, or 
by script like:
copy btn "my ready made button" to grp "xyz"
create fld "my new field" in grp "xyz"

Hope that helps

> Cheers
> Bob


Klaus Major
klaus at

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