scrollbar problems: Scrolling a blank stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jul 21 15:03:24 CDT 2004

Hi Jeanne,

> At 9:25 PM +0200 7/21/2004, Klaus Major wrote:
>> Good to know!
>> I was blinded by the fact that there is no tool/menu-item for that...
>> It is only possible by script, right?
> It is easier by script, but actually you can also do something like 
> this:
> 1) Create a button
> 2) Group it to create a group
> 3) With Select Grouped Controls turned on, select and delete the button
> and voila! ;-)

How handy this is! ;-)

> (Helps if you turn on the group's lockLoc first so it doesn't shrink 
> into nothing, if you want it to have a size and be visible....)
> With a script though you can just say
>   create group
> and it is done.

Well, i am old and i think i will stick with the one-liner :-)

> jeanne a. e. devoto ~ revolution at


Klaus Major
klaus at

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