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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 21 12:54:48 CDT 2004

Tom Cole wrote:

> I am converting a HyperCard stack to rev and I wanted to go beyond the 
> old classic Mac 9-inch screen size. I put a centerme command in the 
> openstack script, but I would also like to size the screen automatically 
> to a size that is standard these days. I don't know how to do that. Is 
> there a good, all-round screen size, and how do I set that as a default 
> for my stack?

To be safe I design for a minimum of 800x600, which is supported on most 
computers made in the last seven years or so.

But recent stats from this article 
<> suggest that the 
tide is shifting quickly to 1024x768:

Rank    Resolution      Market %
----    --------------  --------
1.  	1024 x 768  	54.02%
2. 	800 x 600 	24.66%
3. 	1280 x 1024 	14.1%
4. 	1152 x 864 	4%
5. 	640 x 480 	0.6%
6. 	1600 x 1200 	0.8%
7. 	1152 x 870 	0.1%

While I would still design for a minimum of 800x600, it may not be more 
than another year or two before we can safely consider 1024x768 as a 
good baseline.

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