scrollbar problems: Scrolling a blank stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jul 21 12:40:25 CDT 2004

Hi Bob,

> At 17:37 21/07/2004, you wrote:
>> At 1:25 PM +0100 7/21/2004, Bob Hartley wrote:
>>> I've read the docs and see that to have a window of say 1100x750 
>>> scroll to allow an area of 1100x2000 you group objects.
>>> Now I have a problem with this. I need to have a window (1100x750 
>>> with menus) that has scrollbars V+H.
>>>  If the window is resized to say 700x500 by dragging the corner, the 
>>> edges of the scrollbars dissapear. If it is made bigger then there 
>>> are gaps at the bottom
>> To accomplish this, you need to add a resizeStack handler that 
>> updates the height and width of the group to fit the new window size. 
>> Then the group's scrollbars will be at the edges of the window 
>> regardless of how the user resizes it.
> I tried this one
> on resizestack
>    set the rect of group "your group name here" to the rect of this cd
> end resizestack
> No go so far. I need to have another look at it tonight.
> heers
> bob; Been counting dots all day. Now how  is that for a boring job. :-)

i had a look at your stack and you are just using the wrong approach...

Do this:
Remove everything but the lonely button, yes all the nice and almost 
unused scrollbars :-)

Then group that only button!!!
You can hide it then, we just need it to create a group, empty groups 
are not possible...

Set the h- and v-scrollbar AND the lockloc of that group to true...

Then add this resizescript above to your card and resize the card :-)

Now you can fill this group with content...

Hope that helps

Klaus Major
klaus at

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