on saveStackRequest not working?

FlexibleLearning at aol.com FlexibleLearning at aol.com
Wed Jul 21 10:49:24 CDT 2004

In a message dated 21/07/2004 16:33:36 GMT Daylight Time, "K"  
<nnoydb at excite.com>

I am  experiencing a odd behavior in Revolution 2.2.1. I have added the 
following  code to my default/only card.

on  saveStackRequest   
send compileAFX to this  card   
pass saveStackRequest  
end  saveStackRequest

The funny thing is the when I hit apple-S the message  is not triggered.  Any 

Is saveStackRequest a valid message?
on commandKeyDown tKey
  if tKey is "S" then saveStackRequest
  else pass commandKeyDown
end commandKeyDown 

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