scrollbar problems: Scrolling a blank stack

Bob Hartley bob at
Wed Jul 21 07:44:36 CDT 2004

At 13:25 21/07/2004, you wrote:
>Hi All.

This can be downloaded from it is a window 
with 2 scrollbars and a button to check the scrolling action.

Nothing else done to it.


>I've read the docs and see that to have a window of say 1100x750 scroll to 
>allow an area of 1100x2000 you group objects.
>Now I have a problem with this. I need to have a window (1100x750 with 
>menus) that has scrollbars V+H.
>  If the window is resized to say 700x500 by dragging the corner, the 
> edges of the scrollbars dissapear. If it is made bigger then there are 
> gaps at the bottom
>Essentially I require an area of 1100x2000 that has a H+V scrollbar. The 
>stack will open at 1100x750 and can be dragged to  any size that is 
>smaller or larger vertically. I need the scrollbars to be at the side and 
>bottom continueously, and to allow scrolling of the field up and down. No 
>surprise there. I need a blank stack because the user will populate it 
>from another stack.
>Any ideas. I would have thought that this would have been automatic in the 
>IDE. IE add scrollbars and bingo!! they are there at the edge and work.
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