Revolution/QuickTime/Channels question

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Tue Jul 20 19:56:49 CDT 2004

I have a tough question. I don't know if it is a Quicktime question, a 
Revolution question, a Mac OSX question or even a "Soundflower" question. Plus I 
really don't know a whole lot about the subject at hand -- which is digital audio 
files. So I'm not even sure I can explain the question properly.

Anyway, I am a pianist. I have just recorded with a cellist. We had 2 mikes 
on the cello and 2 mikes on the piano. I have written an application in 
Revolution to help me choose the edits for this and other recordings. I found that by 
creating 2 players, I can play all 4 channels in Revolution -- Player 1 plays 
the 2 cello mikes and Player 2 plays the 2 piano mikes. These 2 players are 
perfectly synchronized - - it's really fantastic. I can turn up or down one of 
the players so that I can focus on one instrument or the other.

Once I have chosen my edits, I need Revolution to play each edit into Digital 
Performer, which is the digital audio editing program that I use. Soundflower 
is a little program I downloaded which allows for a direct audio connection 
between two applications. It can carry up to 16 separate channels at a time. 
Digital Perormer can of course record many channels. But it's not working. I 
start the 2 players going in Revolution, and press the record button in Digital 
Performer, but what is recorded is 2 channels (a single stereo pair.)

Does anyone have an idea know where these 4 channels are being squished into 
2? Is it Quicktime or Revolution? Any ideas how I might get around it? Each 
channel needs to remain separate for post-editing manipulation. 

For that matter, is there a better way altogether? I would prefer to dig into 
the innards of these sound files and grab portions of each as if I were 
copying and pasting material from several text documents. Does anyone know how to 
do this? Or am I asking for big trouble by messing around inside sound files?

Fred Moyer

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