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>I hope this reply is not too late.
>I enjoyed your Total Beginners Database. Would like to see the next
>By the way, I believe your detailed, pictured approach is an ideal way to get
>beginners (like me) up to speed.

Thanks for that.
There will be a slight delay in the next one for two reasons. I am a 
scientist and have received a paper to contribute to and i want to get my 
side done before I go on holiday in Aug. So I wont be doing much with it 
until I get back.

#Secolndly I have another app I need to add to first.

I expect the next one to be either the end of this month or 2 weeks after.

>Thank you.
>Paul Looney
>PS One small suggestion, from my experience, take screenshots of a smaller
>area of the screen (like just a few rows of the database). That way they 
>have to be compressed as much and the screenshot will look better in the PDF.

OK Will do.

Bob; Just finished football 9-9 and feeling done-in. :-)

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