Native access to USB HID drivers

Phil Davis davis.phil at
Tue Jul 20 13:39:24 CDT 2004

I just added a feature request (#1855) to Rev's BugzillaBase. It's a request
for native Rev access to HID drivers on all platforms.

Does anyone besides me see the huge benefit this could be? It would enable
us to build apps that interact with and/or control *ANY* USB device, not
just desktop UI devices and the few other devices that have their own custom
drivers. This would open doors into robotics, gaming, and basically any
hardware domain you can think of - as long as there are devices in that
domain with USB HID interfaces. It would virtually eliminate our need to
write device-specific drivers in C; we could instead create Transcript
libraries for accessing these devices, similar to the way libURL
consolidates and simplifies the Transcript interface to FTP functions.

Think about it! It's HUGE! (And please consider voting for this bug!)

Phil Davis

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