Stack File Names Changed

Wouter wouter.abraham at
Tue Jul 20 08:22:22 CDT 2004

> tack File Names Changed
> 	• 	From: Gregory Lypny
> 	• 	 Subject: Stack File Names Changed
> 	• 	 Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 05:42:29 -0700
> Hello Everyone,
>  I've come across an anomaly with an MC project running in OS X that  
> may be of interest to Revolution users. It hasn't happened with any of  
> my Revolution projects (yet).
> I have a standalone main stack that has a number of stack files, all  
> of which have names that end in .mc. These are stored in the Mac OS  
> folder inside the application package. When the application is opened,  
> it automatically opens one of the stack files, say,, which  
> is the default window the user will be working in. This works most of  
> the time, but on rare occasions the main stack opens with its splash  
> screen but the stack file that is called via a handler in the main  
> stack does not. The user is then left with a menu bar and nothing  
> else. The couple of times it has happened, I simply reinstalled the  
> standalone because I didn't have time to look for the cause. But two  
> days ago, when it happened again, I examined the package contents, and  
> found that a tilde (~) had been added to the end of the stack file's  
> name, so that it was Of course, deleting the tilde fixed  
> the problem, but the question is why it appeared in the first place.

Because of a crash or filecorruption.
The <stackname>.rev~  or  <stackname>.mc~  are the backup/temp files  
the engine makes.

see also :

> The problem is not limited to one machine: I has happened on a dual  
> processor G5, a flat-panel G4 iMac, and a G4 iBook.
> Any thoughts?
>         Greg


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