3 questions about fonts / windows

claude.lemmel at wanadoo.fr claude.lemmel at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 19 11:38:50 CDT 2004

1) the fontnames property returns the names of the font families, but not  
the names of the actual fonts.

For example fontnames returns :

Vera Mono
Vera serif

but actually there are 10 Vera fonts, corresponding to 10 TTF files :
Vera, Vera Bold, Vera Oblique, Vera Bold Oblique
Vera Mono, Vera Mono Bold, Vera Mono Oblique, Vera Mono Bold Oblique
Vera serif, Vera serif bold

Is there a way in Rev to know not only the family names of the font, but  
also the variants ?

2) to install a font, you need to copy the font in the windows/fonts  
folder and to setup somme keys in the registry.

Does somebody have a script to perform these registry updates ? Or a  
pointer to a doc explaining which registry keys must be updated ?

3) Is it posssible in Rev to know if the current user has admin rights or  
not ?



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