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Tue Jul 20 05:11:05 CDT 2004

At 10:33 20/07/2004, you wrote:
Hi Jan

Thanks for the speedy reply

>Hi Bob,
>The standalone won't quit if there are any hidden
>stacks open or if there are any pending messages.
>I'd recommend to change the script of your stack to
>explicitly quit the standalone.

I used the one documented in runrev under quit but it does not seem to work.

  on getMeOuttaHere
     answer "Are you sure you want to quit?" with "No way" or "OK"
     if it is "OK" then quit
   end getMeOuttaHere

My app has a stack (copied to the saved .sdb fiel) that is populated by 
boxes from another stack. In the stack that is copied I put the code above.

I dont get any prompts. Should I put this in the master stack or in the 
copied stack.

I think I might need to rethink the app design.


>Jan Schenkel.
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>time."  (La Rochefoucauld)
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