Object paths?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Mon Jul 19 23:56:48 CDT 2004

Troy, is there some specific reason you need to get the long name (or long
identifier) of an object? The only reason I ask is that 99% of the time I
don't need long identifiers; either a short (fld "Test") or abbreviated (fld
"Test" of group "MyGroup") identifier has usually worked for me.

Just curious,

Ken Ray
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> I wondering if there is an easy way (which I haven't yet 
> found) to get 
> an object's path onto the clipboard for pasting into a 
> script. Ideally, 
> I would have though there would be something in the Rev context menus 
> along the lines of "copy the short name, and copy the long name" for 
> the selected object. I somewhat surprised there isn't, or 
> doesn't seem 
> to be, considering how many times these things have to be typed, and 
> how much typing that can sometimes take. I haven't even found 
> a way to 
> see the entire path to an object, other than in the tooltips for the 
> application browser, which is somewhat less than what I'm looking for.
> Is there already some means to do this, and I have overlooked it?
> e.g. select and object, do something which copies its path to the 
> clipboard, paste into the script window, and get a result like -
> button "myButton" of group "MainControls" of group "ControlPanel" of 
> card "Main Interface" of stack "My cool program"
> Seems to me, that since it can sometimes take that much typing (or 
> more) to path to an object, there must be some way, and I 
> just haven't 
> uncovered it.
> Thanks for any info.
> --
> Troy
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