RevGoURL filetypes in OS 9

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon Jul 19 22:20:57 CDT 2004

> >> I am creating files that need to be opened in the user's default
> >> browser. In OS X I can do this by setting the filetype to "????????"
> >> which forces OS X to use the default browser. Since revGoURL uses
> >> AppleScript on Macs, I suspect this filetype will cause the file to
> >> open in TextEdit on OS 9. If someone here knows the correct filetype
> >> to use on MacOS 9 it will save me some experimentation time (or will
> >> the generic one above work?)
> >
> > What if you set the filetype to "????HTML" - would that be enough to
> > convince it to use the default browser. Even on OS 9, if there is no
> > filetype set i.e. set it to empty, would the extension ".html" not be
> > enough to force it to use the default browser?
> Thanks for the response, Sarah, you were the only one. I did some 
> experimenting with this. Leaving the code as "????????", even with an 
> ".html" extension, causes OS 9 to put up a dialog asking what app to 
> use for the file. When I tried setting it to "????HTML" all I got was 
> a dialog saying it couldn't be opened because the app couldn't be 
> found -- and no option to choose one. Too bad, because your idea 
> sounded promising.

OK, next idea... what about setting the fileType to empty?
That's what I do with OS X and the system works it out from the 
extension. In OS 9, presumably it would use the PC Exchange settings 
and might get it right.


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