any chatters?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jul 19 19:27:37 CDT 2004

Erik Hansen wrote:
>>>ok, i'll bite.
>>>which translations of the Suras, Haddith,
>>>etc, would you reccomend?
>>I know an Islamic teacher who uses Rev to teach
>>Arabic who could 
>>probably make a good recommendation, but I was
>>envisioning that a chat 
>>with the folks here might be more
> sorry.
> i thought i was replying to the individual.
> does anyone have any experience with
> Rev in Arabic? a URL?

If I understand the issue correctly it turns out that all Semitic 
languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Maltese, and others) are adversely affected 
by a bug in the engine which displays right-to-left languages with a 
character order from left to right.

Once this is corrected I hope we'll see many people using Rev for 
multi-language work.

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  Fourth World Media Corporation
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