Multiple profiles bug in 2.2.1 standalones

Frank Leahy frank at
Mon Jul 19 16:33:25 CDT 2004

Has anyone on the list made a standalone in 2.2.1 with multiple 
profiles in it?

I've been unable to, and with a bit of poking around noticed that 
there's a misspelling in several of the Property Profile buttons on the 
first card of the standalone builder.

In the General card "preOpenCard" handler it uses ["includeProfiles"] 
as an array index, but in the various Property Profile buttons they 
reference ["includedProfiles"]  (notice the extra "d" to make it 
"included" rather than "include").

I haven't gotten far enough to know which it should be, but if anyone 
has a fix for this I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks in advance,
-- Frank Leahy

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