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> I saw something like this when I was trying my "speedy graphics" 
> examples,
> but thought it was just something I had done wrong. Or rather, was 
> still
> doing wrong - I kept seeing odd behaviour that I don't understand, and 
> was
> kind of stuck in trying to complete the project.
> So I'm really glad you sent this email :-)
> Looking into it some more, with this hint in mind, I think I have a 
> clearer
> picture.
> I think you have a malformed polygon. From the Transcipt dictionary 
> (points
> entry):
>> A blank line in the points indicates that the previous and next 
>> vertexes
>> are not connected by a line--that is, the line, curve, or polygon is
>> broken into two (or more) pieces. If the last line of the points of a
>> polygon is blank, the polygon is not closed. A closed polygon's start
>> point (the first line of its points property) is the same as its end 
>> point
>> (the last line of its points property).
> NB:
> An open polygon has a blank last line
> A closed polygon has the last line == first.
> Your example, like many of mine, had neither of those conditions true. 
> So I
> guess it is, strictly speaking, malformed - and hence the behaviour 
> could
> be undefined.
> I've been unable to see any failure with any example where I had a 
> properly
> formed polygon according to specification.
> I still think it can be considered a bug - but at least it can be 
> avoided /
> worked around.
> -- Alex.

We have to reconsider the term <malformed polygon>.
May be <malused polygon opacity property> is better in this case.

The default setting of the opaque property of the templategraphic is 
If not altered all new polygons are of the "closed" type.
Setting the opaque property to false for using "open" polygons and to 
true for "closed" polygons,
do you still consider this as a bug or a work around?


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