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Sun Jul 18 18:52:25 CDT 2004

A while ago I put my 2 cents in this discussion and told I was 
developing a tutorial about scrolling.
Well it's time to put my sweat, tears, curses, fun, learnings, 
insights, crashes, freezes and restarts
on(the)line for you to judge. I have finaly  got this tutorial in a 
presentable shape for you.

It's not perfect and I know quite a few things I could add to make it 
better, but for the
moment, time is preventing me to do so. It took me more then twice the 
amount of time
I had planned for this and I really have to get on with my project. 
(amongst other things)

I personaly think this tutorial adresses (and hopefully fills) a lack 
in the documentation.
Good scrolling behaviour, for instance like in a drawing program, ought 
to be like a standart "tool" in
your programming skills/toolbox/documentation but unfortunatly  I 
haven't found much information on this.
(as on other, to my mind standart issues as well) Fortunatly there are 
some very good tutorials out there,
but still, there is a lot lacking. With this tutorial I offer my 
contribution to this community

Explaining often works best with real life situations and examples, 
something you can
really  use and adapt and play with. It makes the learing experience so 
much more fun
and interresting. Well, here is my first stab at it and I hope it will 
be usefull and fun to you.
I surely hope we get more tutorials on "standart" behaviour, which can 
save us all a lot of time
certainly when we venture into new and for ourself uncharted areas of 

In the mean time, happy programming and lots of creative ideas.


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