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Troy Rollins troy at
Sat Jul 17 12:27:56 CDT 2004

On Jul 17, 2004, at 12:41 PM, FlexibleLearning at wrote:

> Depending on the email client (AOL especially), such a format can be
> misinterpreted as a tag and simly become invisible on the page. 
> Similarly, those
> that automatically apply an html tag to text can be rendered by the 
> format as
> seen in this list.

I don't use AOL, though I do participate in many plain text lists. 
Angle brackets are not only the accepted convention, but the most 
reliable in such venues. Wrapping a URL in underscores makes the URL 
invalid, wrapping it in parentheses is a hit-or-miss proposition, 
especially if the email client wraps the line. A misinterpretation and 
invalidation of a URL in angle brackets, if the message is sent 
(appropriately) in plain text, is something I've never even heard of. I 
could understand such an occurrence (I suppose) if the email were 
inappropriately sent formatted as HTML.

To each his own though. I simply noticed that you were having some 
difficulty getting the links to your (quite nice) Scripter's Scrapbook 
tool to be successfully usable, and offered something that I learned 
years ago works best and most reliably on such lists as this one - 
particularly in cases where the URL is split by wrapped lines.

RPSystems, Ltd.

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