How to load a property with an Array?

Michael D Mays michael.rr at
Fri Jul 16 09:13:26 CDT 2004

Thanks to all! I was concerned about the cat to rat ratio, but Jacque 
cleared that all up.;)

On Jul 15, 2004, at 10:41 AM, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

> At 9:52 PM -0500 7/14/04, Michael D Mays wrote:
>> Can I set an array directly into a custom property or do I have to 
>> 'combine' the array before setting it and then 'split' it after I get 
>> it in order to use it as an array?
> You can set it directly.
> Technically, what you get in this case is a custom property set - with 
> each element being a property in that set. But for your purposes the 
> distinction doesn't matter, because you address the properties in a 
> custom property set with array notation:
>   set the customProperties["pets"] of this card to myPetInventory -- 
> array
>   put the pets["dog"] of this card into field "Number of Dogs"
>   set the pets["cat"] of this card to 14
> -- 
> jeanne a. e. devoto ~ jaed at

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